Welcome to Beijing to Receive Traditional Chinese Qigong Medical Treatment----(BaGua XunDao Gong)

Our Qigong Medical Center is the Chinese government approved a Traditional Chinese Medicine Qigong medical institutions located in the western part of Beijing's Feng Shui. Professor Wan Sujian is a Chinese famous traditional Chinese medicine qigong master, his Order of transfer of traditional Chinese medicine Chronicles teacher's experience and family heirloom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, led by the Center's outstanding disciples are 20 years greeted with from Japan, the United States, France, Singapore, Canada, Sweden countries such as hospitalized patients. [ More ]

Studying Taoist Qigong in Beijing Will Bring You a Happy, Healthy, and Long Life(BaGua Xun Dao Gong)

Qigong, medical and education center is a professional organization approved by the Chinese government due to our center in the international exchange and Chinese medicine, qigong rehabilitation, medical and earthquake relief, long relief the significant achievements made ​​in the love in the cause of the poverty-stricken areas, orphans and disabled children,The Chinese government as an advanced group. The hospital is located in the western part of Beijing's Feng Shui, driving 50 minutes from International Airport. Professor Wan Sujian famous Chinese qigong and scholars, as many domestic and foreign professional institutions... [ More ]

Wan Su Jian was born in 1953, the County of Shandong Province Ning. The ancestors of several generations of Chinese medicine doctor and OK Wu bodyguard for a living. Parents' youth to participate in the Chinese War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression in the armed forces engaged in medical work. Wan Su Jian young follow their parents to study medicine, and to worship Taoist teacher practitioners. He graduated from the Capital Medical College, Beijing Military Medical School, Open University, Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chief physician. The current Beijing Traditional Medical Exchange Center Director, Dean of the Shijingshan District, Beijing Red Cross Shao family slope rehabilitation hospital. And served as the director, expert member of the China Qigong Scientific Research Association, the army of Traditional Chinese Medicine Qigong Professional Committee, vice chairman of Beijing Qigong Research Association...  [ More ]
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